Gel: the initial jelly-like solid phase that develops during the formation of a resin from a liquid. A semisolid system consisting of a network of solid aggregates in which liquid is held.

Gelation: the point in a resin cure when the resin viscosity has increased to a point such that it barely moves when probed with a sharp instrument.

Gel coat: surface coat of a specialized, quick-setting polyester resin, either colored or clear, providing a cosmetic enhancement and weatherability to a fiberglass laminate. The gel coat becomes an integral part of the finished laminate. Veils can reduce the need for gel coats and help the gel coat to bond to the reinforcement layers.

Gel point: the stage at which a liquid begins to exhibit pseudo-elastic properties. This stage may be conveniently observed from the inflection point on a viscosity time plot.

GRP: glass-reinforced plastic, polymer or polyester. This derivation is commonly used in Europe.

GFRP: glass fiber-reinforced plastic, polymer or polyester.

Glass Fiber Wet-Process: process of forming a glass mat on modified papermaking equipment.

Glass Transition: reversible change in the amorphous polymer or in amorphous regions of a partially crystalline polymer from, or to, a viscous or rubbery condition to, or from, a hard and relatively brittle one.

Glass transition temperature (Tg): the appropriate midpoint of the temperature range over which glass transition takes place.

Good Side: side of a molding in contact with a mold surface.

Graphite fiber: a fiber made from a precursor by oxidation, carbonization, and graphitization process (which provides a graphitic structure).

Green: resin which has not completely cured and is still rather soft and rubbery.

Green strength: that ability of the material, while not completely cured, to undergo removal from the mold and handling without tearing or permanent distortion.

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