Laminant: composite material system made with layers of fiber reinforcement in a resin. Sometimes used as a general reference for composites, regardless of how made.

Laminate: to unite layers with a bonding material, usually with pressure and heat (normally used with reference to flat sheets, but also rods and tubes).

Layer: a single ply of lay-up or laminate.

Lay-up: act of building up successive layers of polymer and reinforcement. Layers of catalyzed resin and fiberglass or other reinforcements are applied to a mold in order to make a part. The reinforcing material placed in position in the mold. The process of placing the reinforcing material in position in the mold. The resin-impregnated reinforcement.

Liquid-crystal polymer: a newer thermoplastic polymer that is melt processable and develops high orientation in molding, with resultant tensile strength and high-temperature capability.

Load-deflection curve: a curve in which the increasing tension, compression, of flexural load are plotted on the ordinate axis and the deflections caused by those loads are plotted on an abscissa axis.

Loss on ignition: weight loss, usually expressed as percent of total, after burning off an organic sizing from glass fibers, or an organic resin from a glass fiber laminate.

Low-Pressure Laminates: laminated, molded, and cured using pressures from 400 psi down to and including the pressure obtained by mere contact of the plies.

Lubricant: a material added to most sizing to improve the handling and processing properties of textile strands.

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