Reaction Injection Molding (RIM): process for molding polyurethane, epoxy, and other liquid chemical systems. Mixing of two to four components in the proper chemical ratio is accomplished by a high-pressure impingement-type mixing head, from which the mixed material is delivered into the mold at low pressure, where it reacts (cures).

Reinforced Molding Compound: compound consisting of a polymer and a reinforcement fiber or filler supplied by raw material producer in the form of ready-to-use materials.

Reinforced Plastics: molded, formed, filament-wound, tape-wrapped, or shaped plastic parts consisting of resins to which reinforcing fibers, mats, fabrics, and so forth, have been added before the forming operation to provide some strength properties greatly superior to those of the base resin.

Reinforced Reaction Injection Molding (RRIM): a reaction injection molding with a reinforcement added. See also Reaction Injection Molding.

Reinforcement: strong material bonded into a matrix to improve its mechanical properties. Reinforcements are usually long fibers, chopped fibers, whiskers, particulates, and so forth. The term should not be used synonymously with filler.

Release Agent: compound used to reduce surface tension or adhesion between a mold and a part.

Resin: solid or pseudosolid organic material, usually of high molecular weight, that exhibits a tendency to flow when subjected to stress. Most resins are polymers. In reinforced plastics, the material used to bind together the reinforcement material. See also Matrix and Polymer.

Resin-Rich Area: localized area filled with resin and lacking reinforcing material.

Resin-Starved Area: localized area of insufficient resin, usually identified by low gloss, dry spots, or fiber showing on the surface.

Resin Tearing: separation of pigments in a gel coat affecting cosmetic appearance.

Resin Transfer Molding (RTM): A process whereby catalyzed resin is transferred or injected into an enclosed mold in which the fiberglass reinforcement has been placed.

RIM: see Reaction Injection Molding.

Roving: collection of bundles of continuous filaments in untwisted strands. Used in the spray-up (chopping) process.

RRIM: see Reinforced Reaction Injection Molding.

RTM: see Resin Transfer Molding.

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