Sandwich Constructions: panels composed of a lightweight core material, such as honeycomb or foamed plastic, to which two relatively thin, dense, high-strength or high-stiffness faces or skins are adhered.

Scrim: low-cost reinforcing fabric made from continuous filament yarn in an open-mesh construction. Used in the processing of tape or other B-stage material to facilitate handling. Also used as a carrier of adhesive, to be used in secondary bonding.

S Glass: family of magnesium-alumina-silicate glasses with a certified chemical composition which conforms to an applicable material specification and which produces high mechanical strength.

Shear: engineering term referring to forces applied normal to the surface of a given material. The movement between plies of a laminate is referred to as interlaminate shear.

Sheet Molding Compound (SMC): composite of fibers, usually a polyester resin, and pigments, fillers, and other additives that have been compounded and processed into sheet form to facilitate handling in the molding operation.

Shelf Life: allowable storage time before a product must be used.

Size: treatment applied to the glass fiber to allow the resin and glass to adhere to one another. Also allows glass fiber to be conveniently handled.

Skin Coat: first layer of laminate next to the gel coat.

SMC: see Sheet Molding Compound.

Spray-Up: technique in which a spray gun is used as an applicator tool. In reinforced plastics, for example, fibrous glass and resin can be simultaneously deposited in a mold.

Strand: normally an untwisted bundle or assembly of continuous filaments used as a unit, including slivers, tows, ends, yarn, and so forth. Sometimes a single fiber or filament is called a strand.

Structural Reaction Injection Molding (S-RIM): evolution of two other plastic molding processes-RIM and RTM. S-RIM uses the fast polymerization reactions of RIM-type polymers, its intensive resin mixing procedures, and its rapid resin injection rates. S-RIM also employs preforms like RTM to obtain composite mechanical properties.

Styrene Monomer: A water-thin liquid monomer used to thin polyester resins and act as the crosslinking agent.

Surfacing Mat: very thin mat, usually 180 to 510 mm (7 to 20 mil) thick, used primarily to produce a smooth, resin-rich surface on a reinforced plastic laminate, or for precise machining or grinding. See also Veil.

Surfactant: chemicals used to modify or change the surface of a layer of resin or polymer. Usually used to form a film on a curing resin, producing a tack-free surface

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