All Schmelzer Industries binder systems are available on any style and weight veil or lightweight reinforcement mat.
Selection should be made based upon the actual process employed and end use resin system.
The information below is intended to help in the selection.

Binder selection should take into consideration the specific molding process employed along with the resin matrix. Additionally, the following should be considered.

Highly Solubility Binders
  • Typically used in open molding applications or for complex curve parts
  • Also used in dry winding processes
  • Faster wet out characteristics
  • Low strength requirements

Low Solubility Binders
  • Often used when wet strength is required
  • Typically possesses higher wet and dry strength
  • Often used with epoxy resins

  • 100 Series Binder Polyester based resin binder system, providing excellent wet out properties for most composite applications.
  • 200 Series Binder Combination Polyester and Vinyl resin binder system for specific high tensile strength and pre-forming applications.
  • 300 Series Binder A Pultrusion grade binder system.
  • 400 Series Binder Epoxy compatible resin binder system for high performance composite applications.
  • Other Binder Systems Consult Factory for custom applications.

The typical nominal binder percent range on all products is 7% - 15%.

Other ranges may be possible. Consult Sales for technical assistance and price quotation.

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