Damping: the decay with time of the amplitude of free vibrations of a specimen.

Daylight: the distance, in the open position, between the moving and fixed tables or the platens of a hydraulic press. In the case of a multi-platen press, daylight is the distance between adjacent platens. Day-light provides space for removal of the molded part from the mold.

Deflashing: a finishing technique used to remove the excess, unwanted material (flashing) on a plastic molding.

Delamination: separation of composite layers, either local or covering a wide area. Can occur in the cure or subsequent life.

Denier: a yarn and filament numbering system in which the yarn number is numerically equal to the weight in grams of 9000 meters.

Density: comparison of weight per volume, measured in pounds per cubic foot.

Dielectric: a nonconductor of electricity. The ability of a material to resist the flow of an electrical current.

Dielectric constant: the ratio of the capacitance of an assembly of two electrodes separated solely by a plastic insulating material to its capacitance when the electrodes are separated by air.

Dielectric heating: the heating of materials by dielectric loss in a high-frequency electrostatic field.

Dielectric strength: value of a material as an electrical insulator or the resistance to the flow of electric current.

Dimensional stability: ability of a plastic part to retain the precise shape to which it was molded, cast, or otherwise fabricated.

Distortion: change in shape from that which is intended. Symptomatic of laminating difficulties, curing problems, tooling problems or resin shrinkage.

Doctor blade or bar: a straight piece of material used to spread resin, as in application of a thin film of resin for use in hot melt prepreg or for use as an adhesive film. Also called paste metering blade.

Draft: the taper or slope of the vertical surfaces of a which allow removal of molded parts.

Dry Lay-Up: construction of a laminate by the layering of preimpregnated reinforcement (partly cured resin) in a female mold or on a male mold, usually followed by bag molding or autoclave molding.

Dwell: a pause in the application of pressure or temperature to a mold, made just before it is completely closed, to allow the escape of gas from the molding material.

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