The Pultrusion process produces FRP lineal shapes by continuously pulling fibers thru a resin bath, saturating them before entering a heated steel forming die. An alternative is to pull the dry fibers to the die face where they are then saturated.

As the saturated reinforcements absorb heat, they harden into shape as they exit.  The formed part is then can cut to length.

Typical parts include structural shapes, window and door lineals, tool handles, hand rails, high voltage fuse tubes, floor grating or any item requiring a long continuous profile.

Trumat is specifically designed for the Pultrusion process. The lightweight and reinforcement veils are non-woven, continuous strand glass fiber mats intended for high performance in demanding applications. All fibers are corrosion resistant with excellent electrical properties.

Trumat’s outstanding wet out characteristics and conformability over difficult performer shapes make them ideal for use in thin wall profiles or when an outstanding surface finish is desired.

Series 600 Binder is specifically formulated for Pultrusion with Polyester, Polyurethane, Vinyl-ester and Epoxy resins.Trumat is not recommended for use with either Phenolic or Thermoplastic resin systems. Consult Factory for options.

Trumat is supplied in roll goods form, white in color with highly uniform fiber distribution and neatly trimmed edges. Each roll is substantially free of tears, holes, glass beads and tails or other foreign contaminants.

Standard widths range from 40 inches (1.01m) up to 120 inches (3.1m). Narrower widths are available; however a slitting charge and minimum quantities may apply.

Trumat has many outstanding features that benefit the Pultrusion manufacturer, including:
Uniform Fiber Diameter: Allows for outstanding surface finish.
Mat Profile: Consistent thickness is ideal for thin wall profiles.
Weight Range: The lightest weight Pultrusion mats in the industry.
Customization: Customer may specify any unique weigh within the overall weight range.
Roll Width: Customer specified roll width to reduce trim waste
Corrosion Resistance: Performs extremely well under acidic conditions.
Electrical: SI Veils exhibit very good electrical resistance properties.
White Color: Allows for enhanced resin pigmentation or post painting.
Insoluble Binder System: Reduces mat breakouts.
Minimum Quantities: No need to order more product than required for your project.

Each roll is attached and wound on a heavy duty 4-inch I.D. cardboard core, immediately sealed against contamination in a polyethylene bag and identified with a unique product specific label.

Based upon quantities, Trumat is usually shipped on a 45 inch x 45 inch wooden pallet. Optional packaging is available.

For best performance, all veils should be stored upright in locations with temperatures between 50F (10C) and 90F (35C) with a relative humidity below 80%.

All Trumat products are produced in the United States and meet the demanding quality requirements within the industry.

WARRANTY: See Schmelzer Industries Product Warranty.

Consult factory for additional options